Over the counter medication is very risky. In some countries it is highly regulated so that you cannot buy anything other than the basic pain killer or first aid without a prescription. In other countries, anything from antibiotics to hallucinogens are available on the street. There are certain drugs that are ok for you to buy over the counter:

Dietary Disorders

If you feel a terrible tummy ache after eating something then don’t wait around for bloating treatment to magically happen; you need to go to a pharmacy and get some. These are safe for you to take because most of the stomach related medications are mass produced to offer pain relief. There are syrups that can offer relief for gastritis and pills that can help with acid reflux. In fact, any dietary condition – unless it’s very serious – can be solved without too much fuss. Check this out for more info on bloating treatment.

Injuries and Wounds

While a heartburn remedy can be purchased over the counter, actual burn medication is much riskier; better to see a doctor and get them to treat burns because they can get infected really quickly. Other wounds and mild injuries can be treated with over the counter medication. Medicines that contain iodine, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate and other anti-bacterial materials are safe to use without doctor supervision. Surface wounds will usually heal on their own as well, even without medicines, as long as they are kept clean and dry. Do not wet any wounds unless you can dry it as well.

Scratchy and Itchy

During the summer months, many people suffer from rashes caused by sweat or fungi. They are scratchy and can cause redness and over the counter medication usually solves the problem. Most of these creams contain sulphur as a base as it gets rid of the bacteria and fungi working in the rash. While the stronger creams require a doctor’s prescription, even rashes like athlete’s foot now has over the counter aerosol sprays and creams. It is important to keep the affected area dry so that more moisture won’t create more fungi growth.

Aches and Pains

As always, painkillers are safe to be bought and consumed over the counter. These come in various strengths and for various aches such as a headache, stomach ache or limb pains. Basic painkillers are available through pharmacies and will usually provide quick relief; it is only if those do not work that you have to meet a doctor. Most of the time the base is aspirin which is an anti-inflammatory element that soothes irritants.

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